Find a way 🤠

Every relationship has it’s problems.But sometimes what makes it perfect is if you still want to be together when things go wrong. Give yourself and that relationship a second chance.It’s not going to be easy.It will be exhausting. It is going to be painful.But it will be totally,worthy….

You lost me…

When you let me wait for your messages while you yourself replied to others..

When you failed to understand the reason of my silence.I wasn’t moody or in attitude.I was deeply hurt…

When I kept crying because of you and you left me shattered all the way instead wiping my tears….

When you failed to understand I don’t need anyone,I only needed you that very moment and for the rest….

When you let your ego come in between our bond and i kept losing my self respect….

When you kept looking for the reason to break this bond,while i just stood for one simple reason of love….


Manifestation & Affirmation

All i need is that smile upon your face,your love,your kiss,your warm embrace.(come soon)

I’ve picked up my phone a thousand times but then the insecurities set in.It has been so long since we’ve talked.Is it too late for us?…….(No honey,communicate)

I know you’ve been hurt before.Let me be the one to heal that broken heart of yours.(welcome🫂)

💞come soon

What would i do if you’re at my door? You’re anxious right now..let go the worries..they are spinning a web around you…clear that blockage between us…

Whereas i know its not over yet,you will always feel like this that it is not the end.